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A pluginnable OpenSource (licensed under GPLv3) BanList for WarCraft3 written in Python.
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We need help! At the moment only one developer is active (well, "still interested" sounds more correct), and it's almost impossible for a single person to study and test's protocol. We need people who help us study the protocol (people who just joins/parts games, sends private messages and stuff like that, to make their client sends messages).
If you can do that or if you are simply interested in the project please join the IRC channel #wc3helper on FreeNode.

Get the latest development version via svn:
svn co wc3helper

How to use:
Download the latest version via SVN, enter wc3helper directory (cd wc3helper) and launch the application (./
It will ask to select the interface to sniff for packets (choose the one which connects you to internet).
If you want to automatize this step launch the application with the following command:
echo interface | ./
where interface is your interface name or ID.
You need to be root on most systems, since only superuser (or authorized users) may sniff packets.
You also need to have pcapy and impacket installed.

To be able to get other people's country, enter the "libs/ip2cc/" directory (in wc3helper main dir) and run the updater (./ to download the ip to country databased needed by ip2cc.
To be able to put in your clipboard player's country and delays load the plugin: run wc3helper, press ^L (or click on "Plugins", then select "Load"), enter the "plugins/" directory and load "", then start Warcraft3, join (or create) a game and paste your clipboard (just press ^V, on most systems): a string containing every player's country and delay will appear.

If you can't open wc3helper's window due to a cannot open display: :0.0 error, that means that your root user cannot open windows on your user's display. You can allow that by typing xhost + on a user's console. (this could be dangerous on some distros, please read the xhost manual).

Write a decent site (or at least a decent main page).
Make it easier to install and run.
Rewrite the plugin system.
GUI should be rewritten and should just be a plugin, not a base component.
Fix bugs: sometimes keeps pinging player which aren't in my game anymore, pressing ^C or closing the GUI doesn't exit the application since (probabily) some thread keeps running.
Test on other platform (it's only been tested on Arch and Debian GNU/Linux).

Main developer: peoro (peoro dot noob at gmail dot com)
Secondary one (new gui writer): zukka
Main tester: stermi